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Streulicht, das Magazin für Fotografie & Artverwandtes EDITED BY Roland Fischer-Briand & Amelie Zadeh zeigt in Ausgabe N°6 einen Teaser auf mein neues Projekt und Arbeiten von Michele Abeles, Melanie Bühler, Verena Dengler, Philipp Fleischmann, Thomas Freiler, Matthias Herrmann, Herbert Justnik, Inga Kerber, Robert Mathy, Josh Müller, Stefan Oláh, Julian Palacz, Georg Petermichl, Gerhard Rühm, Shirana Shahbazi, Andreas Spiegl, Axel Stockburger, David Welsch, Amelie Zadeh.
FEATURING Auguste Chevallier, Michel Frizot, Leopold Szondi

What lies beyond photography?
What consequences will transpire from the inflationary use of photography?
Perhaps photography is so ubiquitous and encompassing that it no longer holds up as an aesthetic category?
What social and psychological implications does the act of photographing activate?
How does the availability of photography related media alter our memory, our commemoration, and our quotidian life?
What consequences do pictures without mediums hold, pictures whose independent existence is detached from a finite material?
How is the photographic act transposed onto other areas of art?

FINAL RELEASE: 28.5.2015, 19.00 - 23.00 TBA21 / Die Au Scherzergasse 1A, 1020 Vienna STREULICHT

Paris Photo L.A.

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Im Rahmen von „VIP Program PARIS PHOTO LOS ANGELES at Fitzpatrick Leland House (2015)“ auf Einladung von YOUNG AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHY werden Teile aus meiner Fotoserie „Österreichische Architektur der Fünfziger Jahre“ präsentiert, co-kuratiert von Mona Kuhn.

In his book project „Österreichische Architektur der 50er Jahre fotografiert von Stefan Oláh“ the vienna based photographer Stefan Oláh offers an unique view on a highly neglected group of architectural works of Austrian post-war modernism. The series includes pictures of different representive types of buidings which all symbolize the so called „Wirtschaftswunder“ in the upraising economy of the young Austrian nation after the second world war. The selected exhibited examples show the former bombed National Chamber of the House of Parliament, the high-tech radiostation at Bisamberg near Vienna and a health and sports spa in the city of Salzburg. Since its publication in 2011 this book has changed the approach in reception and brought up new ideas for preservation strategies of 1950ies architecture in general.
The photographic work of Stefan Oláh produced iconic views: Yesterdays nobodys darlings turned into the stars of today.